Advantages of Electronic over Flood Testing

There are many reasons why electronic testing is the favoured option over flood testing.  These include:

Characteristic Electronic test Flood test
Speed of test Depending upon build-up, areas tested can be of the order of 1,000sq.m, plus, per day by a single tester

It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to test such a vast area.


Once the flood test has been imposed, which can take some considerable time in itself, a minimum of 48 hours is then required before releasing, with constant monitoring below.

Accuracy Traces breaches with pinpoint accuracy in minutes. Can take days, weeks even months for water to filter through the membrane and concrete deck to manifest below without any indication as to the source.
Leak potential Minimal water usage, so no internal consequences of leaks.

Potentially major leaks, which will last until and beyond the time when the area is drained.


Environmental Minimal impact

Huge potential impact from volumes required in loading and draining.


Structure No impact

Major load on structure.


Building services No impact Potential for rainwater pipes to fail while draining
Scope Can test sections from horizontal to vertical, as well as complex details. Flat/ very low slopes only.  General test only.
Economics Relatively low cost High cost due to time required to fill and drain, plus consultant costs in monitoring.  Potential for repeat testing to locate source.
Impact on contract Quick handover of certified watertight installation Slow, slow progress to handover.  Leaks in evidence below will delay that.