Rules of Membership

Rules relating to the testing and certification of newly installed waterproofing systems


These rules concern the performance and behaviour of members of the Association and their employees in relation to the testing and certification of newly installed waterproofing

  • Abide by the rules, regulations and codes of practice of the Association relating to the testing and certification of newly installed waterproofing systems.
  • Provide excellence of service at all times.
  • Act with impartiality at all times.
  • Maintain training records for all field employees, to include an assessment of when they are capable of unsupervised on-site integrity testing.
  • Prepare and update in-house safety plans and risk assessment procedures which are recognised by the Health & Safety Executive.
  • Provide adequate training for all field employees in all relevant Health and Safety legislation.
  • Put all existing field employees through Level 3 Non-Vocational Qualification training or equivalent qualification in leak detection.
  • Train new field employees to Level 3 Non-Vocational Qualification or equivalent qualification in leak detection with a requirement that all such field employees complete the qualification within 2 years of enrolment on it.
  • Comply with the rules and requirements of the Association from time to time in relation to the resolution of disputes with and complaints from its customers.
  • Only use any the Association’s logos, publications, design and the like, whilst a fully paid up member or associate member of the Association.
  • Shall procure that its field employees:
    • follow its method statements for each test site.
    • consult with their office or supervisor when there are variances before proceeding.
    • read and understand the site-specific risk assessment for each site prior to each test.
    • undertake their own point-of-work risk assessment prior to commencing testing, highlighting to site management any shortfalls or variations where a potential risk is determined.
    • prepare full and accurate site reports, with photographs and plans as necessary.
    • submit accurate timesheets for cost and invoicing purposes.
    • immediately report any Health & Safety incidents in the site incident book, as well as their employer’s incident book at the earliest opportunity.